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Child Counselor: Tips For Summertime With Your Children

As a child counselor, I know the importance of keeping your child mentally healthy during the summertime. Its true that summer is the long awaited break for your children from the rigors and stresses of school. Downtime is a must. However, as with everything in life, there needs to be a good balance of scheduled and unscheduled time in their summer break. Here are a few ideas that you can intersperse into your summer routine to break up the monotony of tv and video games (use these services here to get the new released video games easily) without inciting riots Read more
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Methods Used by Your Child Counselor

You may have a child that is in need of a child counselor in Plano, TX. And while you are on board with the idea, you may be wondering what a counseling session for your child will involve, what your child will be asked to do and what tools your counselor uses each session. You don’t have to worry. Child counseling involves many different techniques that your child counselor will use to build trust with your child. The more you know before your child goes in for the first session, the better prepared you will be. Child Counselor Methods There Read more
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Teach Good Behavior: Tips From An Experienced Child Counselor

One of the things we hear from parents a lot is that they wish their child had come with an instruction manual. Parenting has a very much “on-the-job” learning curve. Oftentimes it can be difficult to know what is right and wrong for your child. And if you have multiple children, what works with one might not work for the other. Behavior is one of those things as a parent that is easier to teach than to correct. Once your child has become engrained in a particular bad behavior, it can take years to get them to change it. A Read more
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Give Your Child The Gift of a Voice By Seeing A Child Counselor

Searching for a child counselor can be the first step in helping your child feel heard and understood. For many of us, we face times when we’d rather be any place other than where we find ourselves and sometimes we react out of desperation. Our children have it even harder as they sometimes don’t even know or understand what all is causing the pressure inside. That’s where a child counselor comes in.  Getting the best help for your child includes finding someone to listen and guide them through overcoming trials and hurdles.  Insight Child & Family Counseling wants to help Read more
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Child Counselor: Help Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Just about every child counselor has heard a parent say, at one time or another, “I wish my child had come with an instruction manual.” The reason for this is that learning how to parent is essentially on-the-job and it can be difficult to know what is right and what is wrong for a particular child.  Of course, the easiest way to find out if you’ve done and said the “right” things in rearing your children is to wait and see what kinds of adults they turn into.  If you don’t want to wait that long and you want to ensure Read more
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Tips From A Child Counselor: How To Support Your Child

At some point in your child’s life, he may require the help of a child counselor for any one of a number of problems.  Behavioral and emotional issues like addiction, depression and coping with bullying are just some of the reasons you, as a parent, should seek the help of a child counselor.  Though realizing that your child has a problem and getting him to agree to get help are major steps toward a happy ending for your child, you should know that you must still play an active role not only in his healing but also in his journey through Read more
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Child Counselor: Coping With Your Child’s Anxiety

As a child counselor, I know that children are as susceptible to stress and the pressures of everyday life as adults; and that means that they often exhibit the symptoms of anxiety that you might normally associate with adults reacting to stressful situations, like headaches, stomach upset and insomnia.  If your child is showing signs of having trouble dealing with school, friends or with something else that may be happening in his life, you should know that while anxiety in children isn’t unusual, it shouldn’t be ignored.  You should seek the help of an experienced child counselor if it makes life Read more
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Child Counselor: Does Your Teen Need Therapy?

As a child counselor, I know that a teenager’s life can be fraught with turmoil and anxiety that arise not just from an overload of hormones but from family and school pressures as well.   I also know that when teens are going through difficult times, they can feel more supported by talking to a therapist, whether it’s a therapist at school or a private therapist.  Teenagers often feel sad, angry or overwhelmed by events and feelings and a therapist can help them to sort out those feelings, find solutions to their problems and help them to feel better. Reasons Teens Read more