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Anxiety Counseling Tips: Relieve Your Stress With Exercise

Did you know that exercising could help you reduce your stress dramatically? For those that deal with anxiety, exercise done here can be a great reducer. The physical benefits of exercise have long been proven but there are also some great mental benefits including reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration and enhancing your overall cognitive function. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million adults suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. Psychologist who have studied anxiety disorders have found that a 10 minute walk can do just as much for your mental health as a Read more
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Child Counselor: Tips For Summertime With Your Children

As a child counselor, I know the importance of keeping your child mentally healthy during the summertime. Its true that summer is the long awaited break for your children from the rigors and stresses of school. Downtime is a must. However, as with everything in life, there needs to be a good balance of scheduled and unscheduled time in their summer break. Here are a few ideas that you can intersperse into your summer routine to break up the monotony of tv and video games (use these services here to get the new released video games easily) without inciting riots Read more
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Recognizing Social Anxiety And When to Seek Out A Counselor

For those that have been described as “shy” or “timid” there may be more to the situation than that. Social Anxiety is a very real disorder that causes people to have paralyzing fear of being around or talking to strangers. Oftentimes this can lead to feelings of loneliness or frustration. Social Anxiety sufferers don’t WANT to be alone, but their anxiety forces them into a world of seclusion. As an experienced anxiety counselor, Insight Child & Family Counseling can help you recognize your social anxiety and give you practical, real world tips on managing it. Our treatment approach is to Read more
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Anxiety Counseling: Don’t Live Life With Frayed Edges

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, anxiety counseling might be the right choice for you. Because of the crazy pace of our lives these days many times we don’t have enough time to really process and plan for the things that truly matter. That’s where getting help from a great counselor like Insight Child and Family Counseling might just be the thing you need that will make a big difference. Call us today at 972-426-9500 to set up your appointment. Get help in learning how to live with less anxiety. Live a life full of possibility and less worry. Read more
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Depression Counseling: Recognize The Signs

Many of us think we know all about depression counseling, but do we really? There are millions of people walking around in the world suffering from various degrees of depression, but not getting help for it. Oftentimes, we think the depression we or our loved ones suffer from just isn’t that serious or we don’t recognize the signs until it is too late. Get help for dealing with your battles whether big or small by calling Insight Child and Family Counseling at 972-426-9500. You don’t have to go it alone. Recognize the symptoms of depression and then find a great Read more
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LDS Counselor: For All Life’s Problems Big Or Small

Say the term LDS counselor and you might get a lot of different responses. Some in support and some more reserved. It isn’t really something we share with most people. The heartaches, depression battles, riffs with our children and so on. We like to pretend that things are good or will soon get better, but they most often will not without some help. That help comes in the form of a great counselor for you or your family member. Insight Child and Family Counseling is available to help you deal with whatever you need, from marriage to bullying and everything Read more