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Daily Archives: July 10, 2017

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Summer Anxiety Solutions from an Anxiety Counselor

The summer is full of fun times, beaches, sun and sand. However, the summer can also be a time where anxiety truly kicks in. For those who suffer with anxiety, the summertime can be just another few months in the year. At a time where family gatherings and friendly vacations are at an all time high, your anxiety doesn’t have to be. Here are some summer anxiety solutions to kick your anxiety to the curb, straight from an anxiety counselor in Plano, TX. Solutions from an Anxiety Counselor: Get Outdoors During the summer, the sky is super blue and the Read more
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School Refusal: When Its Time To See An Anxiety Counselor

With the school year right around the corner you need to be prepared as parents for the chance that your child may refuse to go to school. While it can be easy to dismiss this as simply a ploy to stay home in their pajamas all day and watch cartoons, some children suffer from anxiety when it comes to school. Oftentimes this stems from fear of something happing to their parents while they are away, bullies they face or simply not having adjusted to a new school or grade level. As parents navigate the challenges of helping their children adjust Read more