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Summer Anxiety Solutions from an Anxiety Counselor

anxiety counselor plano txThe summer is full of fun times, beaches, sun and sand. However, the summer can also be a time where anxiety truly kicks in. For those who suffer with anxiety, the summertime can be just another few months in the year.

At a time where family gatherings and friendly vacations are at an all time high, your anxiety doesn’t have to be. Here are some summer anxiety solutions to kick your anxiety to the curb, straight from an anxiety counselor in Plano, TX.

Solutions from an Anxiety Counselor: Get Outdoors

During the summer, the sky is super blue and the grass is green. The air is warm and there may even be a nice, cool breeze blowing through the trees. You can look at this web-site to know more about each tree’s specialty in detail from the experts that will keep you interesting. If you suffer from anxiety, getting outdoors can be relaxing, allowing you time to take your mind off your worries.

Excessive worry causes anxiety and worry is a direct product of stress. Relaxing by the pool, doing a little summertime fishing, or taking a road trip can clear your head of unnecessary stress and help you think things through.

Take a Vacation

You don’t have to go somewhere tropical to take a vacation. Instead, take those things that stress you out and take a break from them for awhile. Is work causing you some anxiety? If you are able, take a few days off to ease your mind and do something you enjoy.

What about social media? Turn off your phone for a couple hours and go for a nice walk. You are allowed to take a vacation, big or small, to help you center yourself and combat your anxiety. Take advantage of it.

Sleep Under the Stars

Summer is a great time to go camping and enjoy the nature around you. Your anxiety counselor would love for you to enjoy time outdoors, releasing tension and stress. A night under the stars can do wonders for the soul, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace.

Better yet, don’t go alone. Take your family or friends with you to enjoy the night. Cook some s’mores and tell stories that will make each other laugh. Spend time getting to know others so you may take your thoughts off of yourself and your situations that cause anxiety.

Summer is full of surprises. However, your anxiety sneaking up behind you doesn’t have to be one. Take time to enjoy the outdoors, your family and take a vacation from stress. Insight Child and Family Counseling understands your need for an anxiety counselor in Plano, TX and we would love to help in this season of your life. Give us a call at 972-426-9500 to see how we can help or visit us online at

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