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Depression Counseling: 5 Depression Misconceptions

If you suffer from depression, or you suspect you do, and you’re considering seeking depression counseling, you should know that on your treatment journey, you’ll hear and read many things about depression that simply aren’t true.  Misconceptions about psychological disorders, like depression, can often derail treatment or even stop sufferers from seeking treatment in the first place.  To help you to better understand your illness, here are 5 common depression misconceptions: Depression is always hereditary.  Some scientists believe that 40 percent of cases of depression are hereditary.  That means that even if you have one or more relatives who have Read more
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Anxiety Counselor: 7 Anxiety Facts You Need To Know

If you suffer from the symptoms of anxiety but you haven’t sought the help of an anxiety counselor because you don’t know enough about anxiety disorders or you’re afraid of the stigma that often surrounds getting treatment for mental issues, it’s important that you find out as much as you can so that you can get the help you need.  Here are some anxiety facts you need to know: 1 – Anxiety Is A Real Illness Everyone has anxiety from time to time; but anxiety that impairs your daily life is a very real condition that requires therapeutic intervention.  Like other Read more
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Depression Counselor: 5 Depression Questions Answered

As a depression counselor, I have treated many patients whose depression symptoms ranged from mild to severe and debilitating.  For those patients, and for those who love them, dealing with the symptoms of depression is an ongoing struggle; and, because the human brain is still one of the great unknowns of biology and psychology, part of the struggle of living with depression is not being able to get the answers they need about their condition.  If you are living with some type of depression, here are few answers to some of the questions you may have: 1 – Is Depression Read more
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Anxiety Counselor: What Are Anxiety Disorders?

Almost everyone experiences anxiety from time to time; but as an experienced anxiety counselor, I know that there is a difference between the kind of transitory anxiety people feel when they’re facing some type of stress like a job interview or a first date and the kind that makes everyday life difficult.  If you suspect you or someone you love has a serious anxiety problem, you should know more about anxiety disorders so that you can decide whether or not to seek the help of an anxiety counselor. The Symptoms Of A Generalized Anxiety Disorder Anxiety becomes a problem when Read more
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Depression Counselor: All About Depression

As a depression counselor, I can tell you that depression isn’t normal.  Mood changes and occasional sadness happen to everyone but depression is an often-disabling medical condition that must be addressed.  If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, there are some important things you need to know about this highly-treatable condition. Common Symptoms Of Depression The symptoms of depression vary from patient to patient and they can include both mental and physical problems like:   ▸ Feeling down, blue, hopeless, sad or irritable   ▸ Finding no enjoyment in once-pleasurable activities   ▸ Feeling worthless and having negative, hopeless thoughts Read more
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Child Counselor: How Obesity Affects Children

As a child counselor, I know that childhood, especially adolescence, can bring with it a host of pressures that adults may find difficult to understand.  From pressure to perform well in school to pressure from often unstable home lives, children can find it hard to cope with everyday life.  With the problem of childhood obesity reaching almost epidemic proportions, children who are overweight face yet another kind of pressure and that is the pressure to conform to accepted body norms.   How Obesity Is Defined In Adults And Children To determine whether or not a child is overweight or obese, Read more