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LDS Marriage Counselor: Do You Need Alone Time?

I have spent many years as an LDS marriage counselor and have helped couples through a variety of struggles that only close relationships like marriage can bring.  There is one particular issue that people who live together go through that counseling can help with and it’s probably one that you’ve dealt with in your marriage – that is the issue of finding alone time.  Though too much togetherness is rarely a marriage-ender, it can lead to tension that can make your marriage unpleasant at times. ✦ Understand Your Own Needs Marriages and the perpetual togetherness they bring can be hard to Read more
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LDS Marriage Counselor: Marriage And Your Parents

For most of us, our families, especially our parents, are an important part of our lives even after we grow up, move out and get married; but as an LDS marriage counselor, I can tell you that the relationship you have with your parents as a child must be different from the relationship you have with your parents as a married adult.  Changing how much you rely on your parents for the kind of support you needed as you were growing up will allow your marriage to grow stronger when your spouse becomes the first person you turn to every Read more
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LDS Child Counselor: Finding the Right Counselor

When is it time to take my child to see a counselor?  Sometimes kids, like adults, can benefit from therapy. Therapy can help kids develop problem-solving skills.  Many kids need help dealing with anxiety, school stress, such as homework, bullying, or peer pressure. Others need help to discuss their feelings about family issues, particularly if there’s a major transition, such as a divorce, move, or serious illness.  An LDS child counselor can help if your child is suffering with any of these situations above. When there has been a  significant life events — such as the death of a family Read more