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Recognizing Social Anxiety And When to Seek Out A Counselor

For those that have been described as “shy” or “timid” there may be more to the situation than that. Social Anxiety is a very real disorder that causes people to have paralyzing fear of being around or talking to strangers. Oftentimes this can lead to feelings of loneliness or frustration. Social Anxiety sufferers don’t WANT to be alone, but their anxiety forces them into a world of seclusion. As an experienced anxiety counselor, Insight Child & Family Counseling can help you recognize your social anxiety and give you practical, real world tips on managing it. Our treatment approach is to Read more
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When to Choose an Anxiety Counselor: 5 Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Are you struggling with feelings you don’t understand? Maybe your loved ones have told you that you have changed or you seem depressed or anxious. Do you have moments of intense fear, hopelessness or erratic feelings? You may be dealing with anxiety. Some symptoms of anxiety can come and go, and other can hide in plain view. If you are wondering if an anxiety counselor is right for you, you should understand your symptoms. When are your symptoms a sign of anxiety? Here are five signs of an anxiety disorder. #1. Severe Worry This doesn’t mean natural worry that happens Read more
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Learn To Recognize When Anxiety Can Become Panic With Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety attacks can turn to panic attacks in a split second. Counseling can help give you the tools to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and stop it before it becomes a full blow panic attack. The symptoms of panic attacks can include chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations and shortness of breath. If you feel these things happening or coming on, your best steps are to help yourself through your physical symptoms and not focus on the anxiety that is causing them. Get to a quiet, safe place. Inhale and hold your breath for 5 to 7 seconds and exhale slowly. Read more
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Anxiety Hacks: Combat Your Anxiety Daily with These Tips

Anxiety doesn’t care what is convenient for you; it can strike at any time; often creeping in when you least expect it. If you are faced with anxiety, don’t worry – there are things you can do today to help combat your anxiety. If you are currently in counseling, using these tools will help you prepare further for your sessions by clearing your mind and keeping your spirits light. Use these tools and tips daily to help ease your anxiety and win the battle. Sometimes, it takes daily fighting to win the war. Use your inner warrior! Lose the Electronics Read more
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Methods Used by Your Child Counselor

You may have a child that is in need of a child counselor in Plano, TX. And while you are on board with the idea, you may be wondering what a counseling session for your child will involve, what your child will be asked to do and what tools your counselor uses each session. You don’t have to worry. Child counseling involves many different techniques that your child counselor will use to build trust with your child. The more you know before your child goes in for the first session, the better prepared you will be. Child Counselor Methods There Read more
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Teach Good Behavior: Tips From An Experienced Child Counselor

One of the things we hear from parents a lot is that they wish their child had come with an instruction manual. Parenting has a very much “on-the-job” learning curve. Oftentimes it can be difficult to know what is right and wrong for your child. And if you have multiple children, what works with one might not work for the other. Behavior is one of those things as a parent that is easier to teach than to correct. Once your child has become engrained in a particular bad behavior, it can take years to get them to change it. A Read more
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Navigate Your Way Back With Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling may be just what you need to find your happy self again. Depression can range from mild to severe and until you know what you are dealing with, there is no road to recovery. Working with a trained counselor can give you peace of mind that you have someone on your side, fighting the battle with you. For more info on warning signs to depression or to reach out for help for yourself or a loved one, visit us online at or give us a call at 972-426-9500.  Don’t resign yourself to fighting this battle alone.  Call Read more
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Depression Counseling: Working Through A Cancer Diagnosis

For people who are diagnosed with cancer, there is a progression of emotions that starts with fear and panic and that almost always ends with a temporary or permanent sadness and depression.  In depression counseling, I have worked with patients who have dealt with, or are dealing with, the effects of a cancer diagnosis and I know that even those people who normally have an upbeat, positive outlook on life can have an understandably-negative reaction to the words, “You have cancer.” Cancer Changes Everything A cancer diagnosis may not result in the death of the person who is diagnosed, but Read more
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Teen Counseling: Recognize The Warning Signs of Bullying

Many teens who suffer from bullying could benefit from teen counseling. Bullying is a prevalent and serious problem in today’s schools. 1 in 5 teens reports they have been bullied and bully victims are between 2 and 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims. At Insight Child & Family Counseling we use a variety of techniques in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that will allow your teen to open up about their bullying situation. Get the facts about bullying and get your teen the resources they need by contacting a teen counselor today.  Call Insight Child & Family Read more
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Teen Counseling: The Effects Of Low Self-Esteem

When it comes to teen counseling, I have encountered children and teenagers who suffer from depression and anxiety for a variety of different reasons; but one of the most common reasons for young people to develop mood or behavior problems is low self-esteem.  As just about every adult knows, the teenage years are often more difficult to navigate than almost any other time in life.   Bodily changes, many of which aren’t particularly attractive, and emotional changes, brought on by supercharged hormonal surges, leave children unsure of themselves and deathly afraid of how they are perceived by others, especially their Read more